Wal-Mart Credit Card Payment

What would life be without Wal-Mart? It is likely that you would not enjoy your shopping experience nearly as much. The wonderful thing about Wal-Mart is that it is a one stop shopping experience. You can buy everything from furniture to food to electronics to household items at this department store. Now you can also pay your Wal-Mart credit card bill online!

The online account system at Wal-Mart not only makes it possible for you to make your payments in this manner but you can also view your past and present bill statements and schedule payments for the future. Logging into the Wal-Mart site to make a credit card payment online is simple and convenient to do. To start visit the website found at http://www.walmart.com/. Look for the “Financial Services” section. Click on the “Access Your Account” link at the site. You can find this at the bottom left hand section of the screen under the section that reads “Credit Cards.”

This should take you to the “Wal-Mart Credit Card Online Account Services” page. To guarantee that you are on the correct page you need to find the logo on the top left corner that reads “Wal-Mart Financial Services.”

Now you are ready to get down to business. Find the link that is marked “Pay Online.” Under the “Update your information” area you will find a section marked “e-Bill/Bill Payment New!” This is the section you want. Once you are taken to a new page at the Wal-Mart website click “Continue” and move on.

Now you must sign in with your user ID and your password. If this is your first time using the credit card payment online site then you must register before you do anything else. You can register by completing the field that is marked “Personal Information.” To register you need to provide certain personal details. This information includes your email address (which will also be your login ID), your zip code and your password. The password you choose must be a combination of letters and numbers and must be between six to eight characters.

As part of the registration process you will be asked to choose a secret question from the scroll down menu that will appear on the page. Choose a question that will have a very simple answer that you will remember easily. If you forget your password you will be asked for the answer to the secret question in order to access your credit card account.

Before the registration process is complete you must review the “Terms and Conditions “at the site and then click on the tab for “Agree.” Your online account is now activated and you can make payments at the Wal-Mart website any time you need to. To learn more about the Wal-Mart card and the online credit card payment system visit the Wal-Mart website.