TJX Rewards Credit Card Payment

Do you ever wish that there was a credit card that you could use at a variety of different stores? If you have often thought that you would really like that then the TJX Rewards credit card is for you! If you would like every one of your shopping excursions to turn into an opportunity for rewards then this card can do that for you. It can also keep you in style for less!

The TJX Rewards credit card is a combined credit card for use at T.J. Maxx, Marshall’s, HomeGoods and A.J. Wright stores throughout the United States. When it comes time to make a TJX Rewards credit card payment you can do it at any one of the stores that accepts the card or if you want you can use the online facility to pay your bill. You can try it one way and then switch to the other if it suits you better.

You have the option of applying for the store-only charge card or the TJX MasterCard which you can use anywhere that MasterCard is accepted. To learn as much as you need to about both cards visit the website found at

When you are apply for this credit card you are in for a real treat! You will receive 10% off your very first purchase made in the store after you receive account approval. You will earn five reward points for every dollar you spend on purchases at any Marshall’s store, T.J. Maxx store, A.J. Wright store and HomeGoods store.

But that is not all. If you have the TJX Rewards MasterCard then will earn one point for every dollar you spend anywhere else that MasterCard credit cards are accepted. MasterCard is accepted virtually everywhere, not just throughout the country but also worldwide. For that reason earning one point for every dollar spent will add up quickly!

If you wish you can apply for the TJX rewards credit card online. This is the fastest and simplest way to apply. Once you have the card and start using it you can register to make your TJX Rewards credit card payments through the online service. It is very easy to learn and the steps to register, as well as sign on are self explanatory.

Once you have accumulated 1,000 points on your credit card you will automatically be entitled to receive a $10 TJX Rewards certificate. It is helpful to know that there are no limits to the amount of TJX Rewards you are capable of earning. The sky is the limit in this case!

As a TJX credit card holder you will receive exclusive card member benefits throughout the calendar year. This is the case for both TJX Rewards cards including the store card and the MasterCard.

TJX Rewards MasterCard account holders may purchase insurance and extended warranties if they wish to. On the MasterCard from TJX Rewards there is zero liability on any unauthorized purchases that are made.