Talbots Credit Card Payment

If elegant style describes you then Talbots is a store that has your number! Established in 1947, the store has women’s apparel that is suitable for daytime wear such as going to work and attending meetings, as well as night time wear that is suitable for a special occasion or an evening out.

Talbots describes itself as being a “leading multi-channel retailer and direct marketer of women’s apparel, shoes and accessories.” The store sells certain items that have become its trademark. These include the perfect jacket, the white wear-with-everything shirt, the ballet flats, the trench coat and the ladylike pearls. The store also has a commitment to superior customer service. That may explain why so many ladies shop at Talbots and why so many individuals have a Talbots credit card!

The store is particularly popular with the 35 plus population. Talbots sells merchandise in their retail stores, through their catalogs and through their website found at http://www.talbots.com/.

The very first Talbots store was opened in 1947 in Hingham, Massachusetts. It was opened by Nancy and Rudolph Talbots. The original store where it all began is still a Talbots store. As of the present day there are 580 Talbots stores in 47 states. There are also stores in Canada as well as the District of Columbia. In 2009 Talbots Outlets opened and sells merchandise that specifically carries the Talbots Outlet label.

The Talbots credit card can be applied for online or in the store. You can make a Talbots credit card payment in either manner as well. Talbots combines the classic look with their creative imagination to create timeless style that is so appealing to many shoppers.

The Talbots credit card is often thought of as a charge card. The terms are sometimes used interchangeably. It is a store rewards card. It is intended for personal use for account holders who have a fair to good credit history. The annual percentage rate is fixed and remains at 11.99 percent. There is no annual fee charged on this credit card.

Due to the fact that the Talbots credit card is a store (or brand specific) rewards card this means that you can expect to receive rewards, gift certificates and special offers. In some cases you can even expect rebates to accompany the use of this card.

When you charge items on your Talbots card you are given a grace period of at least 25 days. What this means is that you will not be charged interest on your purchases during this duration of time. Be aware that this is a store card that can only be used at Talbots. You can shop at any of the Talbots locations. You can also purchase items from the Talbots website and from the Talbots catalogs.

When you shop at Talbots you will be delighted by all of the sophisticated fashions. You will be the best dressed lady in your workplace and everywhere else you go as well. Just remember to always make your Talbots credit card payment on time!