Stein Mart Credit Card Payment

A Russian immigrant named Sam Stein opened the very first Stein Mart store in Greenville, Mississippi in the year 1902. When it began the store was a general merchandise department store. In 1932 Sam Stein passed away and his son Jake took over control of the store. Jake Stein took the store and turned it into a discount clothing store. At this point in time Stein Mart was selling its items at 25 to 60 percent off of department store prices.

The store has been an immense success over the years and has experienced a great deal of expansion in the years that followed. Today there are 276 Stein Mart department stores throughout the country. Stein Mart sells a variety of items including women’s clothing, men’s clothing, handbags, sunglasses, bedding and household items. There are some select Stein Mart department throughout the country that have a kid’s clothing department.

Stein Mart has one credit card that it offers to its customers. It is known as the Platinum Rewards MasterCard. This credit card can be used at any of the Stein Mart discount department stores. It can also be used anywhere that MasterCard is accepted. When you use your Stein Mart credit card you earn points toward Stein Mart gift certificates. The website for the Stein Mart store is

Make sure that you can afford the Stein Mart credit card payments before you apply for the credit card. If you wish you can apply for the card at any of the retail stores or apply online. The Stein Mart Platinum Rewards MasterCard has its share of benefits. For example once you are approved for the credit card you will receive 10% off your very first credit card purchase at any of the Stein Mart retail stores across the nation.

When your credit card arrives in the mail you will receive a $10 bonus rewards certificate with your card that you can use any time you wish. For every 1000 points you earn by using your Stein Mart credit card you will receive a $20 rewards certificate. You can make a Stein Mart credit card payment through the online venue. You can also use the online system to check your balance and look over your recent transactions. Using the online system is free and it is something you can do on your own time and at your own convenience.

Having a Stein Mart credit card can open the door to points, rewards and discounts. As previously mentioned, you will receive an instant discount if your application is approved. Visit the Stein Mart website to learn more about how to become a credit card holder. The slogan for the Stein Mart store is “More fashion, less price.” The store lives up to its promise. Check it out today and get ready to be amazed!