Shell Credit Card Payment

If you have a Shell credit card then you are in good company. Shell cards are particularly beneficial for those who do a fair amount of driving on a regular basis. Using this card can provide savings on fuel charges. Making the decision to pay your Shell card online is a smart one because online management enables you to control the usage of the card as well as the expenses.

If you decide to join the many Shell credit card customers that pay their credit card bill online every month then you need to follow a few quick and easy steps. Let us look at them now.

To start log on to the website at Look to the top left hand of the screen marked “Personal Cardmembers.” From here click on the “sign on” icon to get into your online account. Once there you can make your Shell payment. Before you can do this you must register at the site. Look for the “Register” icon. Registering is a six step process that should not take you very long to complete.

To make a Shell credit card payment you need to be on the homepage and you need to click on the “sign on” selection. Type in your user ID and password and then from the dropdown menu choose the “Make payment” option. Then you can go ahead and make your payment.

If you are a Shell credit card customer who wishes to use the payment online system then it helps to know that the site uses 128-bit encryption. This encryption offers the highest level of security when you are using the Internet. Citibank is concerned about the safety and security of every one of its customers.

The company has its very own Internet security specialists. If you wish to learn everything possible about how to shop safely online then call the customer service line at Shell to receive the information you require. These specialists can also provide information for you regarding fraudulent emails, suspicious websites and any other Internet issues that are of concern to you.

If you have reason to believe that fraudulent transactions have occurred on your Shell credit card and/or that someone has obtained access to your personal information regarding your Shell credit card then phone the toll-free number at 1-800-950-5114 right away. Once you get a hold of the experts there you will be able to obtain the services of an identity theft specialist who can then guide you through the process of clearing up the unfortunate issue that has befallen you.

Fraud warnings are taken very seriously for those who have a Shell credit card. If any unusual activity of a suspicious nature is suspected on your Shell account then the company will contact you to verify if the charges are legitimate or not. Any other activity will be permitted on your credit card once your approval has been obtained. When it comes to making your Shell credit card payment online you are well taken care of by the Citi family!