SBI Credit Card Payment

Prior to getting into information about making an SBI credit card payment, we wanted to offer brief information about the company itself. SBI Cards, the State Bank of India, and GE Capital have a joint venture through which consumers in India are provided with some of the best and most efficient payment products and services.

As part of this joint venture, two specific companies were established specific to credit cards in India. These include SBI Cards and Payment Services Pvt. Ltd and SBI Card and GE Capital Business Processes Management Services Pvt. Ltd.

The first company provides marketing and distribution of credit cards while the second company is responsible for all the technology and processing associated with SBI credit cards. As far as the State Bank of India, this is not only the largest but also oldest in India. Initially, the bank opened in 1806 although at that time it was known as the Bank of Calcutta. Over the years, the financial institution has evolved to the point of being a trusted and highly respected establishment.

Payments using e-PAY

The process of making an SBI credit card payment has never been easier thanks to a special option referred to as “see and pay”. With this, cardholders have the opportunity to make payments on credit cards but also electricity and phone bills. The payment is made online using the e-PAY facility, which makes it possible for a bank customer to gain access to bank and credit card accounts 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and 365 days a year.

There are several advantages to using the e-PAY system over other options to make an SBI credit card payment. One of the most popular features is setting up bill payments for a future date. The money would come directly from a person’s bank account and process on the date chosen. For this, an individual would simply follow the AutoPay instructions for the bills wanting to set up for payment.

Registration Process

Another feature of the e-PAY system through SBI is choosing an upper limit for all bill payments. In this case, bills with a limit lower than the established upper limit would process through the system automatically on the dates due. Then for a person to make SBI credit card payment online, after receiving the credit card in the mail, registration would need to be completed by visiting

When done, the individual would also need to register on the bank’s website located at Keep in mind that it takes between 7 and 20 days for the registration process to be completed so until then, an individual would need to make payments on the phone, in person, or by mail.  However, after registration the Payment Options tab at the top would be clicked, giving the person multiple options for payments to include the following:

  • PayNet
  • Visa Credit Card Pay
  • SBI Auto Debit
  • Online SBI
  • NEFT Payment

Below is a little information for the various methods in which an SBI credit card payment could be made online.


With this, outstanding payments can be made using the SBI ATM debit card. The credit card information would be entered into the system along with the desired amount of payment. The “Debit Cards” link would be clicked, allowing a person to choose the bank account from which money would be debited.

After being redirected to the appropriate bank interface, the person’s ID and password would be entered, payment amount confirmed, and payment submitted after which time confirmation of the payment would be sent to the person via email.

Visa Credit Card Pay

This process is extremely simple, making it possible to make an SBI credit card payment online. The person would log onto the bank and then go to the NetBanking page. After entering the ID and password, the individual would click on “Third Party Funds Transfer”, followed by clicking on “Visa Credit Card Pay.” The sender and recipient information would be entered as requested, the transaction confirmed, and the cardholder’s card would be credited with the dollar amount chosen.

SBI Auto Debit

Another way in which a person could make an SBI credit card payment is by setting up SBI AutoDebit. While the form needs to be requested in person, one the phone, or downloaded from the bank’s website and then mailed into SBI Card and Payment Services Ltd, once established a person could set a date, as well as dollar amount for all outstanding credit card payments to be made.

Online SBI

Along with handling all bank accounts, using the Online SBI system a person could make an SBI credit card payment with funds coming directly from the person’s checking or savings account. For this, a person would visit, enter NetBanking authentication details, ID and password, and then the amount of payment to make. When done, the payment would be submitted and confirmation provided via email.

NEFT Payment

An SBI credit card payment could also be made using National Electronic Funds Transfer or NEFT. The NetBanking system for the bank would be visited and under “third party transfer”, the SBI credit information entered as a beneficiary. To actually make a payment, a special IFSC code would be entered, the 16-digits for the card entered, bank information filled in, amount entered, and payment submitted.