Providian Credit Card Payment

The Providian credit card used to be distributed by the Providian Financial Corporation. However Providian was sold to Washington Mutual (WAMU) in the year 2005. Another transition took place in 2008 when Washington Mutual was acquired by JPMorgan Chase. Providian credit cards are still in circulation and in use. However when you choose to make a Providian credit card payment through the online system you must visit the “Chase Online” services. In this case you will receive all of the benefits and conveniences that come with dealing with Chase in the virtual manner.

If you decide to enroll to use the online service then you will not regret that you did. To start go to the “Chase Online” page found here- Once here click on the section that is labeled “Sign up.” It should be in a region that says “Access Chase Online.” This will take you to the place you need to be. Now you will need to type in your identification information. This includes your social security number as well as your Providian credit card number.

The next step for you is to choose the button marked “My Personal Accounts.” Click on “Next” and then follow the instructions required to create a user ID and a password. You then must agree to the legal statements at the website. From there confirm that all of your details are correct and finish the remainder of what is required in the process of registration.

The steps to making a Providian credit card payment through the electronic service are relatively simple to learn. At the login page for Chase Online type in the user ID and password that you created when you registered. The next thing you must do is select the “Payments & Transfers” tab that will appear on the following page.

Now it is time for you to choose the green icon marked “Enroll Checking Account” and follow the prompts you are given. This is the point at which you must enter both the name of your bank, as well as the type of account you have and the number of your bank account that you wish your Providian credit card payments to be debited from. This is something you will only need to do once, unless your banking information changes.

Look to the “Payments & Transfers” tab. Choose the “Make or Schedule a Card Payment” option. Choose which Providian credit card you are paying as well as what date you wish the payment to be withdrawn from your bank account. You also need to choose the amount of the payment. Then select “Next” to proceed to the following step in the process.

Once you have verified all of the information then you can click on “Next.” Before making your Providian credit card payment through the online venue you must agree to the terms and conditions. Then choose the option marked “Make Payment” and you are done. That is all there is to it!