Military Star Credit Card Payment

The Military Star credit card was created to serve those who serve their country. The Military Star credit card is accepted at all of the service exchanges across the nation. You can choose to make your Military Star credit card payment through the convenient online service or if you prefer, in person or by mail.

Use your Military Star credit card at all AAFES exchanges, as well as the Marine Corps exchanges and the Coast Guard exchanges. You can use it to make purchases while at the exchanges, as well as online purchases and catalog purchases. This credit card is valuable to have for all retired and serving members. The interest rate on it is low and there are no yearly fees. As well it offers its customers a 25 day grace period on all purchases.

Registering to use the Military Star credit card payment service is very easy and it is free. Once you have registered and have chosen a username and password all you need to do is to follow the instructions and then you can use the system any time you wish to. Making a Military Star credit card payment in this manner means that you don’t even have to set foot outside of your door! All you have to do is turn on your computer, visit the website, type in your user information and then do what you need to do.

If this all sounds good to you but you do not yet have a Military Star card then be aware that there are two routes you can take to apply for it. If you like the personal approach then you can drop by an exchange and speak to someone who works in the customer service department. You will need to show your military ID card and fill out an application.

Another option is to go online and apply in this manner. This is the rapid way to apply. If you do not live near an exchange then this is a more convenient manner of applying. Visit the Military Star website at and find out what you need to do in order to apply. Once you have done all that you need to do you can then start making your Military Star credit card payments through the online platform whenever they are due. Once at the site click on the tab for “Member Services.” After that click on “Payment Methods” and do what is necessary.

In order to keep your credit in good standing it is important for you to make your payments on time every month. You also need to manage your account. Do this by looking over your monthly statement every time it arrives. If you find any entries that do not look correct then investigate further. Place a call to the Exchange Credit Call Center to discuss your account with a representative from the company.