Menards Big Card Credit Card Payment

The Menards Big Card is a credit card that you can use at the Menards department store or at the Menards website, found at If you wish to make home improvements or to start a redesigning or redecorating project inside or outside then Menards can provide you with all of the incentives, ideas and products you need. This store is dedicated to service and quality. It sells any number of useful products. Some examples of these include garages, post frames, decking, pole barns and countertops. It also sells interior and exterior doors, landscaping blocks, metal roofing and siding, pre-finished siding and trusses. The website offers a section on featured products.

You can make your Menards Big Card credit card payment at the online facility that can easily be accessed from the Menards website. You can also make it in person at the store if that is more to your liking. You can apply for the card in either manner. Choose the one that is most suitable for your needs and lifestyle.

The website for Menards is one great big store in one! It has everything you could need. It showcases products sold by the company, as well as promotions, guest services and a helpful how-to center. Besides shopping online you can sign up for the gift registry and order gift cards. Weekly ads can be viewed at the website. There is a rebate center, an order tracker and a store locator.

The Menards Big Card has some special features worth becoming familiar with. There is a two percent annual rebate on purchases made at Menards. When you charge your first $100 with the Menards Big Card credit card you will receive a $10 in-store certificate. There are special financing offers and a Big Card Savers Club. You can receive a one percent annual rebate on purchases at these stores- Speedway, Holiday, Super America, Kwik Trip Stores and Kwik Star Stores.

Menards also has a contractor card. This credit card has special features. You can manage your account balance in this manner, as well as to check your available credit and to check how much money you owe. You can also view your recent transactions and itemize your transaction details. Accessing your online account from the Menards website is easy to do this way. You can also view and print your statements. With the Menards system you can make online payments free of charge!

Be responsible when it comes to making your Menards Big Card credit card payment. Making your payment on the proper date every month is so important, both to how you manage your finances as well as to your credit rating. Menards is in your corner working with you to make your shopping experience and your bill paying experience everything it can be!