Meijer Credit Card Payment

Meijer is a supermarket and department store superstore chain that offers a variety of options for credit cards to its interested customers. The website for the store can be found at The online payment facility is free of charge and available to all account holders.

The Meijer credit card is offered by GE Money Bank (GEMB). GE Money is a brand name of General Electric. Those who possess this credit card can enjoy discounts of up to 15 percent when they shop in Meijer stores. The online service is connected with CheckFree which also is a free online payment system that lends itself to a higher level of convenience for customers.

In order to make a Meijer credit card payment through the online facility you must register for the service and create a login ID and password. If you have selected the CheckFree payment button to pay a bill or to buy something at an online retail store then you do not need to create a separate and new ID. You can use the same login ID and password that you used when you signed in to make your Meijer’s credit card payment.

If you have not made an online payment yet then you first must fill in the “Enter Bank Account Information” area. From there select “Continue” to make your online Meijer credit card payment. You do not need to create a user ID and password at this time. The reason for this is because it will automatically be allotted to you during the process of signing up.

To use the online Meijer credit card payment service you first must log on the website for Check Free found here

If you have already registered to use the CheckFree service then you must type in the payment date you desire or if you like you can select one from the drop-down menu calendar that appears in the region marked “Make payment.” Make sure you specify how much money you wish to pay.

Now type in your user ID and password in the area marked “Use Your CheckFree Account” and select “Sign-in.” The page that reads “Make Payments” will then give rise to a new window that offers you a box that reads “Pay check.” Look for the section marked “Payment Account.”

Choose the bank account you wish to make your payment from. Be aware that you are allowed to use different bank accounts if you plan to make multiple payments. Once you have done this then choose the “Pay selected” area. This authorizes your transaction to go through. If you would like to schedule future payments then click on the “CheckFree” icon on the page that is marked as “Make Payments Confirmation.” Making your Meijer credit card payment by way of the virtual method can be conveniently done at home or at work. It is a simple process that takes only a few minutes to complete.