Lowes Credit Card Payment

The Lowes store is your go-to store when you need to make some home improvements or home renovations. The Lowes credit card can provide you with discounts in over 1600 of the Lowes stores. Lowes is not only found in the United States but in other areas of the world. It happens to be the second largest hardware chain across the globe. You can use your credit card to make purchases in person or you can go online to http://www.lowes.com/ and make purchases in the virtual way. One of the significant features of the Lowes credit card is that you have the option of making deferred payments as well as online payments.

The same can be said for making a Lowes credit card payment. You can do it in the store in person or if you prefer you can send a check. Or to make the process as rapid and as basic as possible you can sign up for the online service. Registration is free and only takes a few minutes of your time. You need to provide some pertinent information including which bank account you wish your payments to be withdrawn from. You also must create a username and password.

First time users to the Lowes credit card payment system must register. Look for the section marked “Credit Services.” It will be found under “Quick Links.” From there select the “First Time Users” in order to register.

Once you have registered and it has been a success then in future when you go to the Lowes website you can visit the login page and choose “Pay Online” under the area that is marked “For Existing Cardholders.” If you have not included your checking account information yet then it is time to include it now. Not only is the account number required but also the routing number for your financial institution. Be aware that you will not have to type in your banking information every time you make a Lowes credit card payment. All subsequent payments will be much simpler to make. The process will become much more stream lined the more often you use it.

Once you have done these things you then must choose the amount you wish to pay as well as the date you want the payment to come out of your account on. The transaction then must be authorized. You are permitted if you like to register more than one checking account on your Lowes credit account. If you add more than one account then you must make it clear which one you will be using for this Lowes credit card payment as well as future ones.

The Lowes credit card is useful to have for every type of home renovation project. Paying your bill online can help make the process of parting with your money less painful.