Kohl’s Credit Card Payment

The Kohl’s store has much to offer the entire family. The slogan for the retail store is “Expect Great Things” and great things are what this American based department store has to offer! The store sells women’s wear, juniors’ wear, intimates, handbags and accessories. It also sells men’s wear, jewelry and watches, shoes, kids’ wear, as well as beauty and fragrance items.

The retail store also features a team shop. If you are looking for a toy or game for your child or for a gift for a birthday party your child has been invited to then Kohl’s sells toys and games. It also has clearance items in the department store as well as at the website. Electronics have also been added to the merchandise in the store. The very first Kohl’s store was started by Max Kohl in the year 1962. It opened in Brookfield, Wisconsin. The Wisconsin store was very successful from the very start. Before long Max Kohl decided to open other stores. In 1978 the controlling interest in Kohl’s was purchased by Batus, Inc.

Over the years the Kohl’s department store has continued to branch out and open more and more stores across the United States. Today there a great many Kohl’s stores to shop in. There are an estimated 817 stores in 47 states. Kohl’s offers to its customers’ a wide selection of brands and products.

There is one Kohl’s credit card that customers can apply for. It is the Kohl’s charge card. This card comes with its share of benefits. The Kohl’s credit card offers an excellent way to make the purchases you want and also to establish yourself in the world of credit. If you do decide to apply for a Kohl’s charge card then it is really important that you make your Kohl’s credit card payment on time every month. If you do not then this can affect your credit rating and can cause you to be charged a late payment fee

. You can apply for a Kohl’s card in the store or through the website. If you apply in the store you can give the sales clerk your email address during the application process and this will allow you to receive email updates about upcoming sales. If you do this then you will receive a $5 in-store coupon as well as 10 % off the next online purchase you make.

If applying online is more your style then the bank that issues the Kohl’s credit cards- Chase Bank USA- may require that you provide additional documents to verify your identity. For example you may have to provide information from your driver’s license. It should take no more than 60 seconds to fill out the online application for Kohl’s. You will know right away if you have been approved. If you were declined then you will receive a letter in the mail.

You can make your Kohl’s credit card payments in person or through the online system. You will be pleased that you applied for the Kohl’s charge card! Start enjoying its benefits right away!