ICICI Credit Card Canada Payment

As a subsidiary of ICICI Bank Limited, ICICI Bank Canada is one of the premier banking institutions in this North American country. However, the bank’s headquarters is located in India where it is the second largest in the country with total assets worth $121 billion in US dollars. As with most banks, ICICI offers a variety of conventional products and services although the ICICI credit card, just like the bank, is considered one of the best to have.

Being able to make payments online has proven to be an incredible benefit in a number of ways. For one thing, making ICICI credit card payments makes the process easy but it also provides an avenue that cardholders can use when and where wanted so payments are never late. This means staying in good standing with the card issuer but also maintaining good credit with reporting agencies.

Features of ICICI Account Management

With available online services, the cardholder of an ICICI credit card can manage the credit card account from virtually anywhere internet access is available. Because the bank uses the most advanced protection system, all transactions are protected but if a person were to experience loss while using the secured network of ICICI Bank, any incurred fees would be paid.

Some of the favorite features of the account management system for an ICICI credit card holder include checking balances, transferring funds, requesting credit limit upgrades, and much more. One of the more intriguing features that ICICI Bank offers cardholders is that for a full 24 months of being a customer, both bank and credit card statements can be downloaded.

Since most bank and credit card statements can only be downloaded due to information being available online for just a few months, this is a huge advantage. Even better is that the customer has the opportunity to download this information using various computer systems according to need such as MS Excel, MS Word, and MS Money. However, if preferred, the customer could simply save the files to a computer and then print them.

Being able to make payments online in a convenient and safe manner is certainly a bonus for customers. Best of all, the process involved for making payments has never been easier, which adds to the level of convenience of the ICICI credit card.

Payment Process

For starters, the account management system through which ICICI credit card payments are made is open for service 24×7 for bank customers. This allows payments to be made when time allows but also on time. Today, people live extremely busy lives, making it difficult to find time for time-consuming and complex systems. Realizing this as a huge problem and recognizing a viable solution, the ICICI Bank developed the comprehensive credit card and bank account system.

Prior to an ICICI credit card payment being made, an individual would need to visit the bank website http://www.icicibank.ca/legal/accessToBasicBanking.htm and register. As part of the registration process, someone with only an ICICI credit card but not bank account would be required to select an ID and password. However, for someone with both credit card and bank account, a temporary reference number would be sent in the mail after which time the individual would log onto the bank’s website, enter that number, and then follow the prompts to select a permanent ID and password.

With the registration process complete, payment for an ICICI credit card would be done by logging onto the bank’s website, choosing the “Online Banking” tab, and then choosing the “Personal Login” option. At that point, the chosen ID and password would be entered. Next, the tab for “Credit Card Payments” would be selected and then “Click to Pay.” This process will take the person to a special place within the website where the online payment would actually be made.

As part of the payment process, the cardholder would have the option of having money used from an ICICI Bank checking or savings account or accounts through an outside financial institution. After entering the credit card number and amount of payment being made, the cardholder is directed to the bank to use for funding. The ID and password for the respective bank or credit union would be entered, all information verified, and the payment submitted.