Gordman’s Credit Card Payment

Gordman’s is a department store that got its start in New York City in 1936. Dan Gordman partnered with his father-in-law Russian immigrant Sam Richman and decided to start their own store. Shortly after that the Richman Gordman department store. The retail store sold its variety of merchandise for prices that are reasonable. The store was so successful that before long more and more Richman Gordman stores began to open up. Before long there were stores in the states of Iowa, Kansas and Nebraska. In the year 1996 the grandchild of Dan Gorman, a man named Jeff Gordman became the CEO of the department store. He made some changes to the store and that is what you will see today if you walk into a Gorman’s retail store.

There are presently 66 Gordman’s stores in 16 states across the country. All of the stores offer their customers an easy to use shopping layout and a large inventory of fashions that feature brand names. The store sells women’s and men’s clothing, as well as kitchen ware, furniture, wall décor, frames, bath and bath products and an abundant selection of candles.

A credit card from Gordman’s offers a way to establish your credit. If you have no credit to speak of or if you are working your way back from some credit issues then a Gordman’s credit card can be of tremendous use to you!

The Gordman’s store has one retail store credit card that it offers to its customers. You can choose to apply for the credit card in person in the store or online. When it comes time to make a Gordman’s credit card payment you can do it in person, by sending a check or you can be ultra-modern and electronically savvy and make it through the online service!

Before your application can be processed you must agree to the terms and conditions. These are determined by the issuing bank which in this case happens to be world Financial Network National Bank (WFNNB). The Gordman’s credit card has no annual fee and has an annual percentage rate (APR) of 24.99%. The minimum finance charge is one dollar and it costs one dollar per month for paper statements.

If you pay your bill late then you will be charged $25. The returned payment fee is $20. If you pay your entire credit card balance before the due date rolls around then you will not be charged any interest. The due date for your Gordman’s credit card payment is 25 days after the close of each billing.

When you are approved for a Gordman’s credit card you will receive a 10 percent discount on your very first purchase. For every $200 that you charge on your card you will receive a $10 reward. When you receive your monthly billing statements they will come with special discounts and coupons.