Golden Plains Credit Union Credit Card Payment

Golden Plains Credit Union, also referred to as GPCU, is dedicated to helping members achieve financial goals. This financial institution has worked hard to give back to the community, which is seen in the $500 sponsorships offered to members who have enrolled as a full-time student at a community college, university, or even trade school. Since being founded in 1951, this credit union has provided outstanding products and services to people living in the Garden City, Kansas area.

Today, Golden Plains Credit Union has close to 50,000 members and assets have exceeded $322 million. To support all the members, 11 branch locations exist along with the main office, all served by 123 full- and 16 part-time employees. Listening to the needs of members, the credit union has made a number of concessions and modified products, services, and terms to make sure all members are being provided with what they need to be successful.

At this financial institution, members have options for checking accounts and savings, as well as loans of various types to include personal, real estate, vehicle, business, and even agricultural. Additionally, Golden Plains Credit Union has established a program specifically for kids called “Young at Heart Club”, which helps with saving money. For added convenience, the credit union also provides a variety of secure online services.

Members can also take advantage of a number of credit cards that can help build credit, lower payments, reduce balances, and create more buying power. For instance, the Visa Platinum credit card is an excellent option that starts with a $5,000 credit line. This card has no annual fee, during the six-month introductory period interest is set at 7.9%, followed by a fixed rate of 9.9% Annual Percentage Rate, which is very competitive.

Another credit card offered by Golden Plains Credit Union is the Visa Gold Rewards card. For this, cardholders can earn up to 1% back on annual purchases, the starting credit limit is $2,000, and interest is at 9.9% during the six-month introductory period, followed by an 11.9% fixed rate. Once points accumulate to a certain point, members can redeem them for a variety of purchases such as air travel, hotel stays, paying bills, merchandise, or they can choose the annual cash rebate.

The Visa Classic Plus is another credit card being offered, which has a credit line starting at $500, no annual fee, the Visa zero liability policy guarantee that protects members against fraud, and no fee on balance transfers. Additionally, this credit card has a six-month introductory period with 9.9% Annual Percentage Rate that changes to a 13.9% fixed rate.

The Golden Plains Credit Union also makes it possible for members to apply for the Visa Classic credit card. For anyone who has little to no credit, this card would be the ideal solution. With this, the credit line starts at $300, it comes with a low interest rate of 11.9% during a six-month introductory period, followed by the rate increasing to 15.9%.

This credit union also offers a Visa Check Card that could be used for cash withdrawals and deposits at any ATM or for purchases around the world wherever Visa is accepted. For the traditional credit cards, members can apply by visiting Members can make payments by dropping them off at any branch location for Golden Plains Credit Union or calling a representative on the phone. While this financial institution offers online payment options for other bills, it does not currently have a credit card payment option online although this is coming.