GE Credit Card Payment

The General Electric (GE) Company has been around for a number of years and is still going strong. You may have heard other people talking about making their GE credit card payments from home. If you have not started to do the same then you are missing out on an opportunity to simplify the process of bill paying.

It is a very basic process to pay your GE Money store credit card over the web. Before you can start doing this you need to register at the site. Visit to do this. Once it is completed then you will be able to pay your bill online any time you want to.

To register at the website you need to type in some personal information first. You cannot make payments until you have registered and know for sure that the registration process has gone through and no errors were present.

Rest assured that making a GE credit card payment in cyberspace is very safe and secure. The website uses 128-bit encryption which is the best that can be found at the moment. You need to provide your date of birth in the spaces provided, as well as your home phone number and the last four numbers of your Social Security Number. Finally, you need to type in your GE Money account number.

Read all of the instructions carefully and follow the directions for the registration process. After you are registered you can then sign in any time you need to make a payment. You can also use the online facility to view your present balance. You will see all of your recent purchases and can verify that the online records are correct. If you need to look back in your transaction history then you can do that as well. If you wish to receive paperless statements through the internet and stop receiving them through regular postal mail then you can go ahead and sign up for that.

When it comes to making an online GE credit card payment you have your pick. You can make single payments when you wish to or you can make multiple payments. Another option is to schedule automatic payments for future dates.

To make an individual payment take a close looks at the Payments menu. Once there select a biller and make the payment. It may take a few days for the payment to show that it has gone through.

Multiple payments can be very convenient for those on-the-go people. You are permitted to pay up to a maximum of six bills at the same time. Look for the area marked “Set-up multiple payments.” From there fill in the necessary information.

Automatic payments are payments that can be scheduled for future dates. They must be made for the same day of every month. For example if your payment is due on the 17th of the month you might set up your payments for the 16th or 17th of every month. In this case your GE credit card payments must be withdrawn from your checking account.