Gap Credit Card Payment

Being a Gap shopper can be a wonderful thing. Whether you shop at the Gap store in your local area or prefer to visit the website and shop from the comfort of your very own home the Gap has plenty of selection to offer you as well as plenty of savings for you.

If you shop at the Gap often enough then you should apply for a Gap credit card. Making Gap credit card payments can be done over the Internet if you sign up for the online payment facility. For those who are not that familiar with the Gap credit card it is geared towards the personal shopping use of its customers. It is a card that features rewards and has plenty of discounts on lots of new stock.

Before applying for the Gap card you need to know that you must have a credit rating and history that is fair to good, if not excellent. If you do not have such then wait until you have improved your credit before applying for the department store credit card. Once you have the credit card you will be glad to know that the company offers plenty of flexibility when it comes to Gap credit card payments.

Choosing to make your payments through the online facility is a very wise decision that will save you lots of time in your busy day. Here we look at the process you must follow in order to make a Gap credit card payment in the electronic way.

First you must sign into the Gap website. Find it at Look to the bottom of the page for an area marked “Gap Credit Cards.” From there scan your eyes to the top right hand area of the screen. Once there you should be able to read the question “Have a Card?” This is the area you need to click on to proceed further. This is where you log into your Gap account. The first time you visit this area you will need to register to use it. To do this you must create an account for yourself.

After you are logged into the site click on the region that reads “Pay Bill Online.” Now before you move on it is essential that you type in some relevant information. To make a Gap credit card payment in this way you must add in your checking account number and the routing number for the bank you deal with. From there you need to tell the site how much money you wish to pay. Once you have verified that you have not made any errors click the submit button and the transaction will go through.

It will take approximately 72 hours for a payment you have made to show up in your online account. This manner of paying your Gap bill is fast, easy and very convenient. Give it a try and see for yourself!