Fred Meyer MasterCard Payment

The Fred Meyer MasterCard, also sometimes referred to as the Fred Meyer Rewards MasterCard, can be used at any Fred Meyers store but can also be used elsewhere, anywhere that MasterCard is accepted. This card is a grocery store and department store credit card in one that offers its share of rewards. The website for the Fred Meyer MasterCard is

The Fred Meyers MasterCard comes from the U.S. Bank. You can apply for the card if you visit a branch of the bank in person. You also have the option of applying for the credit card over the internet. More and more people are coming to appreciate the efficiency and convenience of applying for credit cards online. Once you have the card you can make a Fred Meyer MasterCard payment through the online venue. It is quick, very accommodating to any schedule and best of all it is free!

Rewards are plentiful for those who possess a Fred Meyers MasterCard. You can earn double reward points at Freddy’s because the Rewards MasterCard pays you to shop. What could be more exciting than that?!

The more you use your Fred Meyers card the more reward points you have the potential to earn. For instance you can earn 500 reward points and then you will get a $5 rewards rebate that you can then turn around and spend at Fred Meyers. When you apply you get another surprise- you will receive $25 off the next purchase you make at any Fred Meyers store in the United States when you activate your credit card and start using it.

Before you apply for a credit card from Freddy’s it is imperative that you make all of your Fred Meyer MasterCard payments on time every month and that you do your very best to pay off your balance each and every month. Having a credit card is a privilege and it is very important that you learn to use your credit card responsibly.

There are yet other benefits that accompany the Fred Meyers MasterCard. You receive one point per $1 spent anywhere MasterCard is accepted. You receive two points for every $1 spent on anything you purchase at a Fred Meyer store. You also receive an additional $0.5 per gallon discount when you scan and use your MasterCard to pay at a Fred Meyer Fuel Center.

But there is still more. The Fred Meyer Rewards MasterCard offers worldwide acceptance, zero fraud liability, and MasterCard global service. Other benefits include MasterAssist travel assistance services, global premium collection and purchase assistance. If you travel frequently then the other benefits will be useful to you. These include baggage delay insurance, hotel/motel burglary, lost/damaged luggage insurance and extended warranty insurance.

There is no annual fee connected to the Fred Meyer MasterCard and as previously mentioned, the Fred Meyer MasterCard payment system online is free of charge. Think of this card as two cards in one- it is a rewards card and a MasterCard all rolled into one him