Carson Pirie Scott Credit Card Payment

The Carson Pirie Scott store opened its doors to business in 1854. Carson and Pirie joined forces with a third partner named Scott in the year 1890. Despite the fact that the store faced competition from other retail chains it has survived over the years and has indeed thrived. The Carson Pirie Scott stores can be found in a great number of states. In total they have 51 stores across the country. Some of these stores are to be found in Indiana, Illinois, Minnesota and Wisconsin. Making a Carson Pirie Scott credit card payment can be done at any of the retail stores. It can also be done online, over the telephone or through the mail.

Sometimes simply referred to as Carson’s, the store sells a multitude of products. At Carson’s you can find clothes for men, women and children. There are also bed and bath products, purses, jewelry and beauty products for the ladies. Carson Scott Pirie is a part of Bon-Ton Stores, Inc.

Carson Pirie Scott makes four different types of credit cards available to its customers. The classic card is one. There is also the signature credit card, the signature select credit card and the elite credit card.

If you wish to go online and make a Carson Pirie Scott credit card payment then you must have a checking account. If you happen to realize too late that a payment is due on your credit card then you can use the rush payment option. For example, if you suddenly realized that a payment is due today and you almost forget it then visit the “Rush Payment” section at the Carson website. This can be found on the web at

The regular online Carson Pirie Scott credit card payment system is free, however the rush payment online system is one that you must pay for. However you will pay less than if you were charged late fees on your credit card account. You can make use of the rush system until 10 PM CST time. Many people use this service to pay the minimum Carson Pirie Scott credit card payment. Be aware that the payments you put through rush payments are not able to be cancelled.

If you wish to schedule payments for your Carson’s card then you must do it at least two business days before the payment is due. To do so visit the schedule payment page. Type in the amount of money you wish to pay. From there select the date that you wish to make your payment on. Choose the “Minimum Payment” option, the “Current Balance” option or the “Other Amount” option. For the first two Carson Scott Pirie credit card payment options the amount of funds will be chosen automatically, however in the third option you will be required to type in the amount you wish to pay.

Follow the remainder of the instructions and it will be done. It really is that simple!