Cabela’s Club Visa Credit Card Payment

The Cabela’s Club Visa card is a retail and rewards based credit card that is geared towards frequent shoppers at Cabela’s Club or frequent travellers. Cabela’s calls itself the “World’s Foremost Outfitter.” If you spend a great deal of time outdoors and if you hunt , fish, camp or boat then this is a store that is sure to appeal to you. Those who are new credit card holders will receive 1,000 reward points as a bonus for joining.

The reward policy that accompanies the Cabela’s Club Visa is a good one because it does not have an expiry date. What this means for anyone who gets a Visa card from the Cabela’s Club is that they can earn any number of points and then use them whenever they want to. They do not have to rush to use their reward points up before they expire. In order for account holders to continue to have this available to them they must keep their account in good standing. Consumers receive two points for every dollar that is spent with the Cabela’s Club Visa card. The reward points can be redeemed for any merchandise from the Cabela’s Club.

There is no annual fee connected to the Cabela’s Club Visa credit card. Be aware though that the annual percentage rate (APR) is not the same for purchases made at the Cabela’s store as it is for purchases made at other outlets. The average daily balance method is used to compute the balance that you owe on your credit card. Account holders are given a 20 day grace period in order to pay off the balance they have owing.

The purchases made at Cabela’s stores are charged at a fixed annual percentage rate (APR) of 9.99 percent. Purchases made from other places are charged at 7.99 percent of the normal rate.

The Cabela’s Club Visa credit card is issued by the World’s Foremost Bank. If you ever have a problem with your credit card or any type of dispute then it is this bank that you would have to take up the matter with.

The over the credit limit fee on the Cabela’s card is $35. The late payment fee for amounts up to $300 is $15 and for amounts greater than $300 is $35. If you always make your Cabela’s Club Visa credit card payment on time then you will never have to worry about a late payment charge!

To learn more about this credit card visit the Cabela’s website found at Cabela’s Club Visa credit card is a brand that is owned by Cabela’s Inc.

You can apply for a Cabela’s Club Visa card in the store in person if you like. A sales clerk can assist you with the application process. Or if you are short on time then you can apply through the online facility.