BJ’s Visa Credit Card Payment

When you shop at BJ’s Wholesale Club and use your BJ’s Visa card you are able to earn points on every purchase you make. These points can be used to buy gift cards from BJ’s that can be used for future purchases. BJ’s Wholesale Club sells brand name and private label items that are of high quality but are low priced. The wholesale club sells food and general merchandise at prices that are an estimated 30 percent lower than the prices of items in the grocery store.

The very first BJ’s Wholesale Club opened its doors in 1984 in New England. The store was an instant success. Today there are 180 BJ’s Wholesale Club stores in 15 states across the country. You can shop in the physical store, or you can go to the store’s website which is an online store. The website can be found at The store offers a wide selection of merchandise and is one stop shopping at its best! You can purchase everything from babies and children’s toys to office supplies to jewelry, not to mention seasonal items such as camping equipment on the store’s website.

If this all sounds good to you then you might want to seriously think about applying for a BJ’s Visa credit card. Making a BJ’s credit card payment is as simple as applying for the card. You can learn more about it at the website found here-

There is more than one type of BJ’s Wholesale Club credit card to apply for. BJ’s Wholesale Club offers the Visa credit card to its customers as well as the Visa Business card. Both cards have their share of useful benefits. Both can be used in the physical department store as well as the website. Whether you choose to shop at BJ’s online or offline is up to you. The same can be said for how you choose to make your BJ’s Visa credit card payment.

Before you can apply for a BJ’s Visa credit card you must become a member of the club. BJ’s after all is a membership based warehouse that only allows those who become members to shop at its online and offline stores.

There are three types of memberships available at BJ’s Wholesale Club. There is the Inner Circle membership, the Rewards membership and the Business membership. If you wish to apply for either the Inner Circle membership or the Rewards membership you can do so at the website or at the department store. However to apply for the Business membership you must do it in the department store. The reason for this is because you must show proof of your business status.

Making a BJ’s Visa credit card payment is a simple and easy process if you choose to do it online. But if you wish to do it in the traditional manner, which is to say in person, then that is okay too!