Bergner’s Credit Card Payment

Bergner’s is a department store that got its start in 1889. It was founded by a man by the name of Peter Alan Bergner. Bergner’s filed for bankruptcy in 1991 when it encountered financial difficulties. Saks Incorporated purchased the company and then sold it to Bon-Ton, Stores, Inc. in the year 2005. Bergner’s is U.S. based but is only found in one state- that of Illinois. Today there are 16 Bergner’s stores found throughout the state of Illinois.

The store sells a selection of merchandise. It sells apparel for women, intimate wear, men’s apparel and children’s apparel. It also sells shoes for the whole family. It sells jewelry, accessories, home wares, beauty and fragrance, and bed and bath items.

Visit to learn more about the Bergner’s credit card and how to make your Bergner’s credit card payment. The retail store has four different kinds of credit cards to offer interested customers. Each one has its own level. There is the Classic card, the Signature card, the Signature Select card and the Elite card. All of the cards have their own share of benefits and rewards. You must apply in person at the store for a credit card from Bergner’s. There is more than one way to make a Bergner’s credit card payment which is something worth knowing before you go ahead and apply

. The Bergner’s credit card is issued to eligible card holders by the HSBC Bank. After filling out the Bergner’s credit card application you must agree to the terms and conditions before your application will be considered.

The Classic Bergner’s card accumulates anywhere from 0 to 499 points per year. There is no annual fee and card holders get to enjoy special card holder events. When your birthday rolls around you will receive a special offer that is sure to make you happy!

The Signature card from Bergner’s accumulates 500 to 999 points on a yearly basis. Account holders can enjoy all of the benefits inherent in the Classic card and can also receive one free shipping coupon a year. The points you accumulate on a yearly basis do not expire. Depending on the individual’s credit rating they may be eligible to receive a 15 percent off all day shopping pass.

The third Bergner’s credit card option is the Signature Select card. This card offer annual points that can accumulate in the area of 1000 to 1499. Account holders receive all of the benefits that accompany the Classic card and so much more. Account holders receive two free shipping coupons per year. Depending on your credit rating you will receive a 15 to 20 percent all day shopping pass.

Finally if you are going to make a Bergner’s credit card payment why not make it on the Bergner’s Elite card? This card accumulates 1500 plus points per year. It offers all of the same benefits as the Classic card. It also offers three free shipping coupons per year and an annual celebration offer.