Bank of America Credit Card Payment

A Bank of America credit card is useful for any number of purchases you may wish to make. There are a number of BankAmericard credit cards to choose from. If you visit Bank of America online at you will see the wide assortment of options you have at your disposal.

Use the Credit Card Finder to choose what is most important to you in the credit card of your choice. Examples of this include a card with no annual fee, a card with a lower APR (annual percentage rate) or a card with introductory APR offers. Or you may wish to look at the Bank of America site for a card for students, a card that offers rewards of all types such as cash back or travel, or a secured credit card.

Once you have a Bank of America card then you will be happy to know that you can manage your card for free with the Bank of America credit card payment online system. Online banking is the safe and modern, not to mention electronically advanced way to manage your credit card account and keep track of all of the spending you do.

The number one reason customers choose to use the Bank of America credit card payment online system is because it is convenient. You can do it when you want and not when the bank is open for business. This is because the payment online way of banking is always open. You can also pay your bill over the internet for free. That is right- it costs you nothing to give this a try!

But that is only the beginning of the things you can do with payment online. You can take a look at your account activity and be able to receive up-to-the minute account information. You can review your account statements for up to a period of one year (12 months). You can also sign up for email alerts. These alerts are beneficial because they will notify you by email when you have a payment due, as well as when a payment you have made has posted to your account.

You can request paperless statements through the Bank of America credit card payment online system in a secure fashion. This will enable you to keep your account up-to-date and as organized as possible. It will also reduce the potential for identify theft or mail fraud. It will also mean that you will help to protect the environment and save a few trees in the process!

If online shopping safety with your Bank of America card is of concern to you as it should be to everyone then you can make use of the ShopSafe service that is available to set up a temporary account number in order that your real credit card number is not exposed. This is something that is unique to Bank of America but not all credit card issuers. What are you waiting for? See for yourself all that awaits you when you register to use Bank of America credit card payment online.