Banana Republic Credit Card Payment

Making a Banana Republic credit card payment through the online system is easy. The same goes for managing the credit card that you have with the Banana Republic department store. Having a Banana Republic card can come in handy when it is time to purchase some new clothing!

Banana Republic first got its start in 1978. In the beginning it was known as the Banana Republic Travel and Safari Clothing Company. It was founded by Mell Ziegler and his wife Patricia. The very first store that they opened was in Mill Valley, San Francisco. The idea for the retail store came from Patricia Ziegler. She altered one of her husband’s military jackets to make it look like an everyday kind of jacket. The compliments that followed led to the birth of Banana Republic.

In 1983 the store became a subsidiary of Gap, Inc. There are plenty of Banana Republic stores in the United States. The store has also expanded to Canada and Japan. The Banana Republic sells men’s wear, women’s wear and petites wear. It also sells men’s big and tall and women’s tall sizes. Intimate apparel can also be purchased under the Banana Republic label. The store also sells shoes, personal care products and accessories.

If you would like to pay your Banana Republic credit card payment in person then you can do that. However it is much more convenient and simpler to pay it through the online service. This service is free for all account holders. If you have been a shopper at Gap, Inc. for some time then you might want to check out the selection available to you at Banana Republic. Applying for a credit card can come be very helpful when you are short on cash. You can shop in person or online. You can do both if you like!

There are two different types of Banana Republic credit cards to choose from. There is the Banana Republic retail card and the Banana Republic Visa card. Both cards come with their share of rewards. Also worth knowing is that you can use your Banana Republic credit card not just at Banana Republic stores but also at its sister stores which are Gap, Old Navy, Athleta and Piperlime.

Before you apply for the Banana Republic credit card it would be a good idea to find out what benefits it has to offer you. For example, you are rewarded for using your retail store Banana Republic card by receiving rewards when you do your shopping there. Once you have earned 1000 points you are eligible to receive a $10 rewards card that can be used at any Banana Republic store. It can also be used at Gap, Old Navy, Piperlime or Athleta.

For every dollar you spend at Gap, Inc. you will receive five reward points. You are also eligible for special birthday savings, not to mention exclusive offers and promotions. A Banana Republic credit card is calling your name!